Ultra Balance Koi Food Growth Formula (Med. Pellet)

Ultra Balance Koi Food Growth Formula (Med. Pellet)

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For optimum health, koi require a balance of nutrients in their diet on a continual and regular basis. Nutrients are necessary for cell growth, energy, food utilization, and organ functions. Ultra Balance Koi Food Growth Formula is formulated for optimum growth of young fish. It is a complete, nutritionally balanced diet providing the 5 key nutrients for optimal growth, health, and performance of your koi when fed as directed.

Formulated for water temperatures 64°F (18°C) and above.

  • Medium Pellet (Approximately 4.5mm)
  • No Artificial Colors or Dyes
  • Extruded Floating Pellets – Maintains water clarity for the enjoyment of your pond.
  • No Ingredients from China!

To optimize the overall growth, health, and performance of your koi, you will want to provide a diet with the correct balance of the 5 Key Nutrients:

  • PROTEINS – provide the amino acids that are necessary for good growth & overall health
  • LIPIDS (oil & fats) – the primary and best source of energy for fish
  • CARBOHYDRATES – required as an energy source (not to exceed 30% of a diet)
  • VITAMINS – essential for metabolic reactions
  • MINERALS – required for many metabolic processes

Amino Acids (proteins) are the most important component of fish diets and will generally determine growth. The correct balance of amino acids, are required for the overall growth, maintenance, reproduction, and building of healthy tissues of your koi. So it is essential the amino acids are supplied through the use of high quality protein sources.

Ultra Balance Premium Growth diet is formulated for its highly digestible nutrient values, using White Fish Meal as its primary source of protein, to provide your koi with the 10 essential amino acids for optimal growth, health, and performance.

Ultra Balance Premium Growth diet will assist in maintaining good water quality by its highly digestible nutrients, ensuring a healthier environment for your koi. A healthy koi will naturally have cleaner whites (shiros) and brighter colors.

To promote a healthier immune system for your koi, Ultra Balance Premium koi diets includes increased levels of Stabilized Vitamin C for improved immune system and Diamond V Yeast (Dried Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) to stimulate the immune system and improve the gut micro flora for a healthier digestive system during times of stress.

With added natural color enhancers (carotenoids), Spirulina, Krill, & Alfalfa Meal, Ultra Balance Premium Growth diet, will assist in maintaining the vibrant colors of your koi.

When fed as directed, Ultra Balance Premium Growth diet, will promote the overall growth, health, condition, and colors of your koi.

Recommended Feeding Instructions:

For optimum growth of young fish in water temperatures 64 °F (18°C) and above: feed an amount fish will readily consume in 5 minutes. Feed 3 to 5 times per day.

Note: Never over feed. To assist in maintaining good water quality, remove all unconsumed food after feeding. For best results, adjust feed quantity and frequency accordingly to water temperatures, quality, and activity level and overall condition of your fish. It is recommended to feed when dissolved oxygen levels exceed 4 ppm.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein – Not less than 35.00 PCT
  • Crude Fat – Not less than 4.00 PCT
  • Crude Fiber – Not more than 4.00 PCT
  • Ash – Not more than 8.9 PCT